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The Church of Mary Immaculate lies below the Škofja Loka castle, with which it is also linked with a stairway.

The church and Clarice’s Nunnery were constructed in 1358, and got its baroque look after a devastating fire in 1511 that destroyed most of Škofja Loka, causing its renovation.

The reforms in 1782 gave the Nunnery to the Ursulines, who also bought the castle. They connected the two buildings and used the castle for the girl’s school.

The interior contains valuable tombs, a baroque stone pulpit, and a relief of the crucifixion on the facade. Inside the Nuns church there are some treasured tombstones, a stone pulpit, and on the facade there is a figure of the crucifixion.

If you are lucky the church will be open for you to take a peek, and maybe a few photos from the stairway.