Mestni Trg 2, 4220 Škofja Loka 0 Reviews


Almost every building on Mestni trg is of a historical and architectural importance, but arguably the most impressive is the Homan’s House.

The house is restored in gothic architectural style, with some of the renaissance elements that were added after the 1511 earthquake. The year of renovation is engraved in the console of the balcony with stony bearded head and the coat of arms of an adjacent town of Kranj.

While restoring the surface of the frescoes of a medieval soldier and Saint Christopher, some other ornaments from the 16th century were also exposed.

Ivan Grohar, the famous Slovenian impressionist, painted his famous painting “Loka in Snow” from the window on the first floor looking to the northwest.

Homan’s House is one of the most important town buildings, and is definitely worth a visit.

You can enjoy it from under the linden tree in the garden of Homan Pastry Shop.